Question: Aren't people just trying their best? What difference does it make whether people
chant or not, aren't we all going to be reborn anyway?

Rev. Hirota: Whether you believe in this religion or not, or whether you practice the wrong
religion, everyone has the
Ten Worlds, and everyone has the Buddha's life within them. Those
who practice
Nichiren Daishonin's teachings realize that they possess the Buddha nature.
Those who do not believe in Daishonin's teachings do not know they have the Buddha nature.
But for those who practice this teaching, they must realize that this Buddha nature is like a
diamond, which must be polished. That is, one must practice diligently. If you don't, you will
be lost, confused or perverted due to impurities of thought and desire. As a result you will
completely forget you possess the Buddha nature, and the opportunity will be discarded. You
must realize that you should have gratitude for practicing true Buddhism, and you must
appreciate chanting and want to chant more. In the end you will realize you have the Buddha
nature, and how important it is to do this practice. The Buddha nature is synonymous with
fortune. Those who do not practice do not realize they possess the Buddha nature as fortune.

Those who practice heretical religions look to god and Buddha to rescue them. Seeking
benefits accumulates delusion. You will never know why you were born as a human being.
You will be driven by desire to seek fame, fortune, high-ranking positions, and prestigious
education to boost your pride. This is your purpose for living, and it is a waste of time.

The sutra teaches that we were born in this world to practice
Namu-myoho-renge-kyo and
attain enlightenment. Since fortune, position and pride are not the purpose of human life, if you
live your life seeking these desires it wouldn't matter whether you were mold or a worm for all
the good it will do.  That is, because you were not born to seek your desires, you should never
have been born human.
With Reverend Raido Hirota
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