Question: Is it slander to expose the wrongdoing of a priest?

Rev. Hirota: No, it is not slander. Both priests and believers are practicing together for
enlightenment. It is very important to teach each other to follow the
Law and not the person.
If a teacher teaches you to follow him, he is teaching the wrong way. But if a teacher teaches
you to follow the
Lotus Sutra, he is teaching the right way. It is very important that we
admonish each other and encourage each other. But human beings are very strict with others
and lenient with themselves. You must look at yourself before you point out to other's their
faults. You must be strict with yourself too. The goal of
Nichiren Daishonin's teachings is not
to achieve perfect personalities. The goal is for we imperfect people with various faults to
gather together and help each other attain enlightenment. Pointing out the faults of others and
hurting them is not the objective of practice.
With Reverend Raido Hirota

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