As a member of Sanbo-in Temple I promise to observe the following rules:

1.        I will maintain strong faith and strictly guard against slander.

2.        I will practice without seeking worldly fortune.

3.        I will not use Daishonin’s Buddhism to gain profit.

4.        The foundation of my faith must be firmly rooted in following the Law of
Nichiren Daishonin.  I will not assert power and authority like Taiseki-ji, nor imitate or
create a hierarchy like that of the soka gakkai.

5.        I will respect the Buddha nature of others, and will not discriminate or harbor
contempt for others.

6.        I will strive in the three pillars of Buddhism – faith, practice and study –
towards the noble goal of shakubuku and propagation of True Buddhism.

7.        I will not give Gohonzons to others; I will not receive Gohonzons from others; I
will not sell gohonzons or buy gohonzons.

8.        If I have questions or doubts about the doctrine of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, I
will not read writings from other religions.

9.        The names of translators will be clearly stated on all guidance from the priest,
and permission to publish or disseminate anything must be obtained from the priest.

10.      The use of the name of Sanbo-in or the priest Rev. Raido Hirota to defend one’s
assertions is prohibited.

11.       I will not interfere with any person who wishes to pursue Nichiren Daishonin’s
Buddhism and seek enlightenment.

12.       Since there are many activities which have to be carried out, it will be
necessary, year by year, to evaluate and reconsider yearly expenses to determine the
amount of monthly dues required by each believer to accomplish our goals.
By Reverend Raido Hirota
Translated and edited by Udumbara Foundation volunteers
The following are the articles of membership in
Reverend Raido Hirota's temple, Sanbo-in, that anyone
who wishes to join must commit to.
This is NOT an official site of
the Nichiren Shoshu Shoshin-kai