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"The Law is the teacher of all Buddhas. It is
because of the Law that the Buddhas are
worthy of respect."
                                                                                  The Four Debts of Gratitude

"The ultimate law of life and death as
transmitted from the Buddha to all living beings
is Myohorengekyo."
                                                            The Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life

"All beings and their environments in any of the
Ten Worlds, from Hell at the lowest to
Buddhahood at the highest are, without
exception, the manifestation of
                                                                                             The True Entity of Life

“Everything has its essential point, and the
heart of the Lotus Sutra is its title,
Namumyohorengekyo. Truly, if you chant this
in the morning and evening, you are correctly
reading the entire Lotus Sutra. Chanting
daimoku twice is the same as reading the entire
sutra twice, one hundred daimoku equal one
hundred readings of the sutra. . . .Thus if you
ceaselessly chant daimoku, you will be
continually reading the Lotus Sutra. . . .A law
this easy to embrace and this easy to practice
was taught for the sake of all mankind in this
evil age of the Latter Day of the Law.”
  The One Essential Phrase
Sources: The Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vols. 1 and 5