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Buddhism is a teaching preached by an enlightened one or a Buddha. In Nichiren Shoshu
Nichiren Daishonin (1222-1282) is believed to be the eternal Buddha and true
Buddha of the Latter Day, for his was the mission to reveal the original cause of
enlightenment of all Buddhas, which was his own life of
Namu-myoho-renge-kyo, and to
make the enlightenment of all living things possible.

Nichiren Daishonin is therefore the Treasure of the Buddha in Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism.


The True Law is Namu-myoho-renge-kyo, the source of ichinen sanzen. The fusion of the
True Law with the eternal life of the Buddha is manifested in the
Gohonzon. (This is the
oneness of person and the Law.) Down the center of Gohonzon is written Namu-myoho-
renge-kyo and beneath that, in linear symmetry, is the Daishonin’s signature and seal. In
“Letter to Kyo’o” Nichiren Daishonin wrote, “I, Nichiren, have inscribed my life in sumi, so
believe in the Gohonzon with your whole heart.”

In Nichiren Shoshu the Gohonzon represents the Treasure of the Law.


Specifically, Nikko Shonin (1246-1333), Daishonin’s closest disciple, represents the
Treasure of the Priest. However, it is not the person or personality of Nikko Shonin that is
the third treasure. It is Nikko Shonin who embraced, kept and transmitted all of Nichiren
Daishonin’s teachings accurately, both in word and spirit, that is revered as the third
treasure. Therefore, essential to the Treasure of the Priest is the adherence to the complete
and truthful teaching of the Daishonin.

Generally speaking, all successive high priests who keep the Daishonin’s teachings as Nikko
Shonin did are the Treasure of the Priest, as are all priests and lay believers who likewise
practice and keep the faith.
The Three Treasures of Buddhism are:
he Buddha, the Law and the Priest.

The Three Treasures of
Nichiren Daishonin's True Buddhism are:
Nichiren Daishonin (the Buddha),
the Gohonzon (the Law) and
Nikko Shonin (the Priest).
The Museum of the Three Treasures is a virtual, illustrated history
of  Nichiren Daishonin and his world