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Kanjin no Honzon Sho
The True Object of Worship was written on April 25, 1273, while Nichiren Daishonin was
still in exile on Sado Island. While the Kaimoku Sho "reveals the object of worship in terms of
the Person, defining Nichiren as the original Buddha in the Latter Day of the Law who plants
the seed of Buddhahood within people's heart. The Kanjin no Honzon Sho, reveals the object of
worship in terms of the Law, defining the Law of Namumyohorengekyo as the True Object of
Worship in the Latter Day of the Law."

As the Law of Nammyohorengekyo is spiritual in nature, the Daishonin establishes the validity
of using an insentient object as an object of worship, thus revealing the universal inclusiveness
of the Law.  “…
Ichinen sanzen, which explains that even insentient beings possess the ten
factors of life, and they possess both material and spiritual aspects of life.

     Both the Buddhist and non-Buddhist scriptures permit wooden or painted images to be used
as objects of worship, but
T'ien-t'ai and his followers were the first to explain the principle
behind this act. If a piece of wood or paper did not have both material and spiritual aspects, or
lacked the inherent cause to manifest a spiritual nature, then it would be futile to rely upon it as
an object of worship.”

Nichiren further states that, “Now is when the Bodhisattvas of the Earth will appear in this
country and establish the supreme object of worship on the earth which depicts Shakyamuni
Buddha of the essential teaching attending the true Buddha. This object of worship has never
appeared in India or China.
. . . .
Thus, the revelation of the true object of worship has been entrusted only to the Bodhisattvas of
the Earth. They have been waiting for the right time to emerge from the earth and carry out the
Lord Buddha's command.
. . . .
Showing profound compassion for those ignorant of the gem of ichinen sanzen, the True Buddha
wrapped it within the single phrase Namumyohorengekyo, with which he then adorned the
necks of those living in the Latter Day.”

The True Object of Worship
The Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin
, Vol. 1