The True Law has the following characteristics:

ABSOLUTE EQUALITY (rank, appearance, rich, poor, strong and weak, young
and old, male and female, the family’s class, titles, status in life, etc. are the
products of the human ego and the cause of violence in denial or rejection)

ETERNITY (does not alter or change throughout past, present and future
throughout time and space)

UNIVERSALITY (exists in common in all beings)

INCLUSIVENESS (having all elements, circumstances, contradictions)

NON-DENIAL (contradicts the thoughts of religions that will agree to deny,
discriminate and kill believers of  different religions, dissenters, foreigners, etc.)

The law which satisfies all of these is the Law of
It is a very painful thing to execute these in society and the world. But it is the
morality of believers of Namumyōhōrengekyō to go through life aspiring to
implement even just one of these.
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