Question: How should we live as a believer?

You will have the Law of Namumyohorengekyo in the center of your life, and
you will not live by depending on your likes and dislikes, on your emotions, on
merit or demerit, on a fixed idea, or on existing ideas.

2. Rely upon the Dharma or ultimate truth itself .

3. Do not distort or bend the teachings of the Lotus Sutra to suit any power,
whether it's wealth, employer or boss, parents, siblings, pressure from any
organizations, or the opinions of  others.

4.  Do not get drawn in or swept up by the majority.

In "Refuting Ryokan and the Others"
(Gosho Zenshu p. 1293), it says that
Nichiren Daishonin made these his standard, and realized the True Law of

The purpose of the teachings of the
Lotus Sutra and the Gosho are basically for the
achievement of enlightenment for all living things. There are no absolute and
perfect people. There isn't one special person. A very basic teaching of this
Buddhism is that all living beings have the
Ten Worlds from Hell to Buddhahood
in their lives. There isn't a special, omnipotent and omniscient person whom you
can ask to absolve you of your sins, approve your actions or enlighten you. Each
person should devote him- or herself to following the Law and not a person.
Practice diligently to polish your own Buddha nature and achieve enlightenment.
This is the Daishonin's teaching.
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