Translated and edited by Udumbara Foundation volunteers
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the Nichiren Shoshu Shoshin-kai
There are so many different people in this world. Even if they chant Daimoku and
have the same faith as we do, they may still act and think differently. Each country
has its own laws. And there are people within every country who try to figure out
ways to break the laws. They cheat other people, and disregard the laws. On the other
hand there are also people who don't even have to think about the laws, yet they obey
them and live lawfully.  But with regard to faith, there are just a few people who live
a life based on faith. Nichiren Daishonin said, "To accept [faith] is easy; to continue
is difficult. But continuing faith will lead to Buddhahood."

No matter how much a wrongdoer tries to be right and professes to be right, he will
never attain enlightenment. It is not only the person who is committing the wrong.
Those who follow a wrongdoer must give consideration to
eho-fue-nin -- rely on the law, not on persons.