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Question:  I grew up as a Shingon Buddhist. We abstained from eating the flesh
of animals, including fish and poultry, on the first anniversary memorial of a  
deceased person. We only ate vegetables. What are your thoughts on this?

RH:  Vegetables are like people. It's not right that you can eat vegetables but not
animals. It's all life. If you are concerned about eating life, you have to realize  
that all things that we need to nourish our bodies are alive or have had life.
Thinking your way, you would have to eliminate everything. There is scientific
proof that when you begin to cut a cabbage, for example, the cabbage signals
telepathically through electric energy that it hurts. A plant has the same life value
has an animal. It is wrong to think that you can eat a vegetable, but should not eat
an animal, unless of course it is for medicinal reasons.